I’m a lover of all things history and a giant fan of design and architecture. You can always find me somewhere in nature strolling the Riverwalk or hiking through a park. And I can’t get enough of San Antonio art, foods, and culture.  As an ex-archaeologist of 20 years, working in San Antonio and across the state I was blessed enough to experience my favorite things almost every day. And when I left the world of cultural resource management, I honestly missed it. Well, not all of it. Not the hot days digging in the dirt, not the angry landowners, and definitely not those days where nothing was found after weeks of investigations. 

“A great time, a great place, and a great person will always be around the corner!”

The Hidden Corners of the Alamo City

What I did miss, is the research. The discovery. The ‘holy crap, when did this happen?’ I’ve traveled all over Texas and adjacent states and learned so much about little towns, big cities, and everything in between. And in San Antonio? Well, the depth of its history and lore never ceases to disappoint. 

To continue to satisfy my never-ending curiosity about the River city, this blog was born. There are thousands of years of history and archaeological tidbits about this town that I’m sure I’ll never get through. But I’m gonna try! And not just history! Design, nature, culture. There is just so much. So stick around! Get you a margarita, a chicken-on-a-stick, and join me!!

Empty Street Between High Rise Buildings during Nighttime
Tourist Boat on a Canal in San Antonio

and it goes on…Fun facts:

  • I’m addicted to stationery products and there’s nothing anybody can do about it
  • In the next life, I’d like to be a professional Formula 1 driver…or a salsa dancer
  • I believe in trash TV on vacations—it’s my version of a beach read.
  • I will travel for two weeks in any country with just a carryon and a personal item
  • I never met a food group I didn’t like

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The guides, blogs, and layers of fascinating history you see here didn’t just poof into existence! Nope, they’re the offspring of a rigorous, nose-in-the-books kind of research. Behind the velvet curtain, there’s a treasure trove of resources.

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Here is your whimsical wonderland to snag products that scream ‘San Antonio’ in every possible way. Each item we’ve got is a celebration of our city’s colorful history, razzle-dazzle culture, and our oh-so-lovable local businesses.


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